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Tinhvan Group’s annual general meeting of shareholders 2012 vi

On April 7, 2012, Tinhvan Technologies Joint Stock Company (Tinhvan Group) has held an annual general meeting of shareholders in 2012 at Hanoi Sports Hotel.

Shareholders, authorized people and representatives of more than 83% stocks who are given rights to vote, Board of Management members, Control Board, Executive board and directors/vice directors of departments of the Company have been present at the annual general meeting of shareholders 2012.

Mr. Hoang To – Chairman cum General Director of Tinhvan Group – delivering a report to the general meeting

After the opening speech, Mr. Hoang To- BOM’s Chairman cum General Director of Tinhvan Group has, on behalf of the Management Board and Executive Board, delivered a report to the general meeting on the operation of the Management Board and Executive in 2011 as well as operating plans and targets for the year 2012 of Tinhvan Group.

In 2011, the management system of Tinhvan Group has continously been innovated and improved with ISO certificates, Management Information System (MIS), PC, etc. It can be said that Tinhvan is one of the few corporations to have a methodical and professional quality system. The remuneration has also been significantly improved, staff’s income is 20-30% higher than the everage income of those in the same industry, income diference is higher, and efficiency is dignified.

Following the slogan “deep tracks”, over the past years, Tinhvan Group’s units have worked hard, focused intensively and therefore gained many remarkable achievements. Tinhvan Telecommunication JSC (TVT) has gained significant revenue growth compared to 2010. The organizational restructuring of TVT carried out in October has contributed to promote the apprearance of new business models  in some Business Centers under TVT’s management such as XAS model, Media on Demand, MyClick …

Tinhvan Consulting JSC (TVC) has a breakthrough year in terms of brands, products and markets. 2011 was an impressively successful year for Human Resource Management solution (HiStaff) product, confirming its leading position in Vietnam market. A series of commercial banks (Tien Phong Bank, VPBank, Habubank, Maritime Bank, etc.) and major economic corporations (Vingroup, Acecook, PVFC, Sabeco …) have chosen Histaff.

Software Solutions and Software Integration Center – Tinhvan Solutions (TVS) has achieved the highest revenue and profit in the Group. TVS has also started to set its foot in telecommunication projects in the process of moving the target market set out by the Management Board.

With accumulated value in 2011, including the capacity of business development, PR, marketing and professional sales capacity…, on January 1, 2012, Tinhvan Outsourcing Center (TVO) has officially converted its operation pattern into Tinhvan Outsourcing JSC.

Also in 2011, Tinhvan Group has established a new subsidiary called Minh Chau Entertainment JSC (MCC), specializing in the field of online game services on mobile phones (GMO). Already in the first year, MCC has run well with good profits and become one of the pioneering companies in Vietnam in the field of GMO.

These successes have been achieved mainly thanks to the efforts of more than 400 Tinhvan’s employees who have been working day and night with their creativity. The slogan “deep tracks” has brought about effectiveness and was particularly suitable in the context of difficult economic situation of 2011.

Entering 2012, Board of Management of Tinhvan Group have assessed that this year’s macro economic situation will be still difficult and more strained than 2011, a large number of enterprises will no longer be able to survive due to lack of capital and debt. “Discipline to excel” will be its slogan throughout 2012 with a view to creating a healthy management discipline for Tinhvan Group.

With high consensus, the general meeting of shareholders has passed the contents of reports as well as recommendations of the BOM and Executive Board.

The annual general meeting of shareholders in 2012 of Tinhvan Technologies Group has come to an end successfully.