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2012 Closing Ceremony – Tinhvan Group vi

On February 05th 2013 in Ha Noi, Tinhvan Group held 2012 Closing Ceremony and proposed orientations for the coming year of 2013.

According to inland and outland economic experts as well as many Vietnamese entrepreneurs, the year 2012 was a hardship time as there were constantly spread of recession, unemployment rate, debt crisis of a number of state economic corporations and the weakening banking system.

Chairman and CEO – Hoang To made speech at the ceremony

Despite the difficult economic conditions, Tinhvan Group has achieved satisfactory operational results. Revenues mounted up by 57% compared with that in 2011. The Mass including Tin Van Telecom and Minh Chau Corporation saw a marked growth, which account for 50% of the total revenues. The sixth member was established as Tinhvan eBooks Corporation. Thus, organizational structure of Tinhvan group was completely built up with Tinh Van Holding and 06 other member units. Income per capita of Tinhvan’s employee increased by 30%. In an attempt to protect the value of Tinhvan group, board of directors strictly implemented the toughest anti-negative measures.

In 2012, with 06 member units operating in the market, more than 30 branded products/services, Tinhvan has been on the way being growth and being friendlier toward users. That gradually contributes to building Tinhvan up as an ecosystem with highly interactive.

At the Ceremony, aiming at building Tinhvan group as a huge technological ecosystem, Mr. Hoang To- Chairman and CEO of Tinhvan Group suggested strategic goals, growth visions for Tinhvan group in 2013 based on their branded, cultural and financial system. Board of directors of Tinhvan group agreed to provide 03 important keywords for their programs in 2013 including Discipline, Creative, and Ecosystem.

06 celebrities of Tinhvan Group in 2012

It has been a classical thing that the focal point of ceremony is the nomination and award of “Celebrities of Tinh Van 2012” which honors outstanding individuals. There were six ones over the past year. The entertainment shows, musicals and the award part like” Four great of Tinh Van”, “Four great beauties of Tinh Van” also significantly contributed to the greatest lively and warmly atmosphere of Ceremony. Board of directors and Mangers would like to say thanks to all Tinhvaners who has constantly endeavored to work hard and be creative in an attempt to build Tịnhvan’s development. We wish the whole Tinhvaners with their beloved relatives, friends a New Year of happiness and health.

Hong Nhung