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mola_BI_refine(final)Mola: Mobile Lockscreen Advertising
Mola is the pioneer in advertising solutions on mobile lock screen in Vietnam. Mola aims to switch the passive mobile advertising model to interactive advertising model initiative in the form of reward advertisements.

Different values
  • High approach
    • The lock screen is the first image appearing on the phone. Users can not miss the ads on the lock screen.
  • Decreasing Annoying
    • Ads are only displayed to users who accept ads
  • High interaction
    • Ads displays on the full screen Intel
  • High frequency of occurrence
    • Vietnam Users unlock the screen about 40 times a day
  • Increasing apps downloads
    • For Mobile game/ application top distributing contest
    • Increasing application rating & advertising effectiveness
  • Increasing Brand positioning
    • Disseminating brands, new products rapidly and widely
  • New approaching way for TVC
    • Combining static messages in the lock screen with motion content of TVC
    • Interacting with Landing page after TVC
  • Content Marketing
    • Create traffic sources and stable quality with Content Providers
  • Targeted-audience orientation
    • Setting up campaigns which match with each targeted customers (by age, gender, hobbies, regions…)
  • Professional support
    • Facebook advertising support
    • Landing page design and converting support

Diversified types of advertising 2
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