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Tinhvan Consulting provided HiStaff solution for SBS vi

The Sourthern branch of Tinhvan Consulting officially signed the contract of providing Histaff –  Total  Personnel  Management Solution for Saigon Commercial Bank Securities Company – Sacombank Security (SBS).

After selected by a variety of businesses in general and financial institutes and big banks in particular , Histaff continued to be selected for application at Sacombank Securities. The signing ceremony held on March 24th 2011 is the result of long-lasting capability and quality assessment process of HiStaff by  SBS. With its highly practical application capability, HiStaff totally meets the strict requirements of SBS.

Currently, HiStaff is being assessed as the top domestic human resources management software in Vietnam with the comparative advantage  compared with other foreign professional personnel management softwares. The solution is constructed  based on advanced personnel management procedures from multinational companies, combining with the specific features of Vietnamese legal environment and  the comprehensive integration ability into  the advanced ERP system. Therefore, Histaff supports businesses to manage and maximize human resources.

Saigon Commercial Bank Securities Company – Sacombank Securities is one of affiliates under Sacombank Corporation’s Management, established in September 2006 with the charter capital of 300 billion VND (about 14.63 million dollars) and now account for 10% of the current brokerage market. Sacombank Securities takes pride in being one of the securities companies with the largest charter capital and most fast-developing pace  in Vietnam.

SBS supplies all professional functions  of an investment bank for Vietnam’s financial market. The structure is divided into 4 main blocks, professionally working and therefore, SBS requires a highly professional and synchronized personnel management solution for handling its specific management features.

After the projects with VnDirect Securities Join Stock Company, Saigon – Hanoi Securities Company, Techcombank, SeaBank, HDBank and Habubank, the contract of implementing HiStaff with Sacombank Securities is another clear evidence for the quality and prestige of Tinhvan Consulting in supplying the software solution of personnel management for organizations, businesses in Finance and Banking sector.