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Tinhvan 22nd birthday Anniversary

On last 20/7, all of Tinhvan members gathered together and made a toast to celebrate Tinhvan on its 22nd birthday (20/7/1994 – 20/7/2016).

The ceremony was held formally with the sharing from Mr. Hoang To – Head of Chairman Board of Tinhvan Group and Mr. Nguyen Quan Son – CEO of Tinhvan Holdings. All the faces which had the contribution to Tinhvan Group development were also honored at the party.


The sharing from Mr. Hoang To – Head of Chairman Board of Tinhvan Group


Mr. Hoang To and Mr. Nguyen Quan Son (the leftmost) rewarded the merits and medals to 5 longest contributed faces in Tinhvan Group (from left to right) Mrs. Nguyen Thu Phuong – TVS Business Secretary, Mrs. Nguyen Thuy Linh – TVT Content Editor, Mr. Vu Anh Tuan – TVT Saleman, Mrs. Pham Thi Dao – TVT Customer Support and Mr. Pham Hai Tuan – TVO Developer

The birthday cake for 22nd birthday was formed from the pieces of TVH, TVO, TVS, TVT, TVC, TVE, representing for Tinhvan Group being created from the strength of each member units.


The Representatives of each member units applied the piece of cake of his own unit into Tinhvan birthday cake


The members of the Chairman Board, Tinhvan Group leaders and member units opened the champagne to congratulate Tinhvan Group for new age

Within the scope of the Birthday party, the show of Tinhvan’s Got Talent 2016 was performed with 8 best performance into the final round.

This was the very first time Tinhvan’s Got Talent being organized with the hope of Tinhvaners being able to show off their talent as well as their teamwork spirit, to realize that: Tinhvan people are casual, ordinary but full of talents.

There were 4 judges for the show including Mr. Pham Thuc Truong Luong – Chairman Board member, Deputy General Chief of Tinhvan Group, Deputy CEO of TVE; Mr. Nguyen Quyet Thang (Dzuy Linh musician) – Tinhvan ca author, a close friend of Tinhvan, Mrs. Pham Thu Hang – Deputy General Chief of TVH and Mr. Tran Hoai Phu – Deputy General Chief of TVE.


Tinhvan’s Got Talent 2016 opening performance was the sweet and gentle voice as Quang Le – Mr. Ho Si Tam, IT Security Department of Back-office Unit, with the performance of “Về đâu mái tóc người thương” song


Rocking the stage with no more sexier performance of sexy dance from TVT girls


The continuation of the show was the performance of the perfect matching duet from TVT Hoang Yean – Vu Thao with the acoustic version 2 of a familiar song of dead artist Trinh Cong Son – Nhu Canh Hac bay & Quynh huong


MC cum a performer: Mr. Nguyen Hoang Dung with the only English song of the show “Everything”


The completed new faces of Tinhvan Group with the musical play of “Ken vo cho vua” from Major English Center of the Lack of Girl(ly) group 


Sexy Belly Dance performance form the chocolate girl of TVT Nguyen Thi Ngoc


The cover of the hit “Anh cu di di” performed by Nguyen Hoang Hong Hanh TV


The last performance is the never-seen in Tinhvan history performance, with the preparation time up to 22 years: for the very first time the beautiful girls and boys of Financial Team comes on stage of Tinhvan Group with the Zumba performance Feel This Moment


Especially, there was a sub-competition but equally interesting which pulled the audience on stage to watch the plank of Tinhvan Macho men. Mr. PPT Luong won the first prize at the final win after 4’ holding stable posture.

In the end, the highest awards had been rewarded to: Runner up individual performance – Belly Dance of Nguyen Thi Ngoc TVT, First prize individual performance – Solo performance of Nguyen Hoang Dung TVO with Everything, The third prize for Collective – TVT Sexy Dance, Runner up for Collective – Musical Play of the Lack of Girl(y) Group Major, and First Prize for Collective – Zumba dance of Financial Team from TVH.

Step to a new age, wish for Tinhvan Group more and more successful and growing!