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Phu Luu Te Middle School experienced Classbook Digital textbook

On the date of 25/10, Vietnam Rolls Royce company awarded a Classbook interacting classroom including 18 tablets with already installed digital textbook of Education Publisher to Phu Luu Te Middle School, My Duc, Hanoi.

Phu Luu Te Middle School landed in the most difficult area of My Duc district, Hanoi suburb where people mainly work in agriculture sector. The school of 300 students and more than 40 teachers has the downgraded facility and limited infrastructure. However, in recent years, the studying emulation spirit of the school has outstanding improvement. The student of the school usually achieved good result in the contests for outstanding students at the level of district, cities with graduated rate remained high.

Dispite of difficulty when approaching new technology, after being trained, the students had quickly get familiar with the studying method in the environment of Classbook interacting classroom. In the awarding ceremony, school leaders and plenty of guests altogether attended lessons of history and English of 9A1 class. With brand new studying tool, students can be easily acquire knowledge through vivid reference books system, illustrated by varous types such as video, sound, image, map. Those features has supported the studying process for the student, especially the self-studying became visualized and more interesting.


Interacting classroom for History lesson with the application of Classbook Digital Textbook

Both teachers and students of Phu Luu Te Middle School showed the interest with new teaching and studying method. Students can easily discuss, do group work and do the homework on their applicants. Mrs. Thanh, History teacher, shared: “Now I can have the teaching resource with interesting example, and above all, I can feel that my students were more excited during learning progress, more actively involve with the class and compete with each other. In the future, I will surely reorganize my lessons so that they can interact more with each other”.

In particularly, the device of the students are connected to the teacher’s computer, through which the teacher can control the class, added into class new methods and new teaching content which are more dynamic and efficient. Through these direct interactions on the tablet system and along with the support of the projection equipment, Phu Luu Te secondary school’s teachers can capture the learning process of each child in the class, as well as being able to share materials, assignments, tests for students in both directions. Moreover, teachers can easily raise questions in each part of the lesson, thereby verifying the level of acquisition of the students & quality of the lectures.

Anh bo sung 2

Middle school students Phu Luu Te experience Classbook electronic textbooks and interacting classroom

Pham Thuc Truong Luong, Director of Educational eBooks, development unit of Classbook electronic textbooks solution, said: “We hope this interactive classrooms will contribute to narrowing the digital gap in student between Phu Luu Te school’s students and students in other areas of the capital”.

In parallel with the activities of presenting interacting classroom Classbook, representatives of Rolls-Royce company and guests also participated in extracurricular activities with students, helping them to improve understanding and awareness about keeping environmental practices such as painting walls, planting trees, reuse old maps to build amusement parks…