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Updated National Examination practicing portal

Hanoi, 24/01/2017 – In order to serve all of training for National Examination of 2017 of student nationwide, Vietnam Education Publisher had updated for National Examination practicing portal at the address of http://thiquocgia.vn. With the mock tests and trial practicing content which were compiled by credited, experienced teachers and experts, thiquocgia.vn will help the contestants to get the best preparation for the upcoming examination.

In the examination of 2016, thiquocgia.vn had confirmed its usefulness when there were more than 200 thousand of contestant nationwide had practiced or registered for 12 weekly mocking tests on the web.

The National Examination of 2017 will have major changes. About the structure of the exam, except from Literature, the remaining subjects, including Math, will be under the multiple choice model. In term of method, the contestants have to choose among Natural Science field including Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Social Science including History, Geography, Civil education and all of the subject tests will be held at single day. In term of limitation, the test of 2017 will only be limited within the 12th grade program with modified test structure and number of question in comparison with the previous year. Those changes subject to plenty of confusion during studying for both students and teachers. At the same time the examination source is also limited.

In order to meet these changes of 2017, thiquocgia.vn had added full tests for all 8 multiple choices subjects with the structure follows closely with the structure published by Education – Training Ministry.

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Thiquocgia.vn interface

Thiquogia.vn gate also provided 2 basic services are Mocking Test and Trial Test, for 8 multiple choices subjects which are Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Civil Education and English. All of the contant were compiled and edited by profession consultant including teachers and experienced experts, which follows closely the program and updates the latest amendment of Education & Training Ministry.

The mocking test were held regularly every week from January till June with the general test. The contestants will experience the real feeling as actual test when having to complete the test under the limited time, and only know the anwers after the examination ends. Especially, the contestant shall compare the result to evaluate their own ability, through that making the best decision for their upcoming national Examination. The first mocking test is opened from now until 21/02 and completely free.

The examination practicing service allows student to test everywhere, everywhen, from whatever applicant, from desktop, tablet or smartphone. Which help students to practice and get familiar with the examination. The test of same subject will have the same difficulty level and structure, to ensure the accuracy of the grade. The answers and explanation for each questions shall be published right after cliking the button of “Submit”. Along with that, the system shall automatically give the practicing advise through analyzing the student result, which help student to fill their knowledge gap quickly and effectively.

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Thiquocgia.vn portal had added full exams for whole 8 ultiple choices subjects with the closely related structure with the structure announced by Ministry of Education & Training

On the portal there are also the supporting content such as digital books store and studying content of Education Publisher as well as thousand of exercises and the updated news of 2017 examination.

With updated, qualified, carefully compiled and closely following the structure content, national examination practicing portal http://thiquocgia.vn expect to accompany the future contestant for confident, carefully preparation for the National Examination of the year 2017.

Considering as the most important examination of general education level, with more than 1 million contestant from all cities and provinces nationwide, the national examination had the tremendous attention of not only the students but also the parents and teachers. The national examination portal will be an useful solution helping them to feel more confident stepping into this important examination.