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HiStaff project kick-off at Xuan Mai Corporation

On the morning of 4/1/2017, Tinhvan Consulting JSC had organized the kick-off ceremony for the implementing project of HiStaff software for Xuan Mai Investment and Instruction Corporation along with 7 members units.

The kick-off ceremony was held at Xuan Mai Corporation’s Head Quarter with the attendance of Leader Board as well as the Implementing Team of Xuan Mai Corporation and Tinhvan Consulting.

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Overview of the Kick-off Ceremony

Giving the speech at the Kickoff ceremony, Mr. Ung Nguyen Duc – Member of Chairman Board cum Head of HR Committee of Xuan Mai Corporation said: “By implementing HiStaff software solution, we hope to gain the synergy in HR management, as a result increasing the management capacity and performance productivity”.

Xuan Mai Corporation was found from 1983. Through more than 30 years of developing and improvement, till now Xuan ai corporation was famous for plenty of investment and construction in nationwide area such as Xuan Mai Riverside Condo, CT2 –  To Hieu – Ha Dong – Hanoi project, Binh Tri Dong B project – Ho Chi Minh city.

As a big size company, the “question mark” of Xuan Mai Corporation is also complicated due to uncentralized HR management, with specific business as of an investment and construction unit. Facing with the request of thoughroughly, promptly processing of HR business, Xuan Mai Corporation decided to put the faith on HiStaff of Tinhvan Consulting. HiStaff software of TInhvan Consulting will be implemented for Xuan Mai Corporation following a general and consistant HR management profession: Employee profile management; insurance – benefit management; time management; payroll; recruitment management; training; HR evaluation; HR portal and online approval system; management reports; user supporting alarm – widget system.

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HiStaff Software of Tinhvan Consulting will be implemented for Xuan Mai Corporation under a completed & consistant HR management process for profession