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Tinh Van farewell to 2016

On last 21/1, Tinhvan Group held the Closing Ceremony of 2016, which closed a changing year with the attendance of all Tinhvaners.

Attending the ceremony, there was Head of Chairman Board of Tinhvan Group Mr. Hoang To, General Head of member units belongs to Tinhvan as well as all of Tinhvaners.

As usual, after the whole hall singing along the traditional song of Tinhvan anthem, Head of Tinhvan Group Chairman Board Mr. Hoang To gave a short speech to all members. He drew again the whole picture of Tinhvan ecosystem after the changes in the year of 2016 with the 5 years strategy of 2016 – 2020: Go Global – Go South – Go Service. At the same time, he also announced the slogan of the year 2017 of Tinhvan Group: Promoting motivation, with the hope of a new year, Tinhvaners shall dedicate themselves for the home of Tinhvan.


Head of Tinhvan Group Chairman Board Mr. Hoang To gave a short speech at the ceremony

At the ceremony, the representatives of Leader Board also delivered the merit and medal for the outstanding faces with long contribution for Tinhvan development. In which, there were two faces which dedicated their whole youth for Tinhvan (10 years) that were Mr. Vu Thi Phuong – TVO HR manager and Nguyen Dieu Linh – Head of Tesing and Training Department of TVS.


Senior contributers for Tinhvan Development

Especially, there cannot missing the part of honoring the most outstanding individuls of Tinhvan Group – “Minh Tinh” of 2016. This year, “Minh Tinh” are devided into 3 fields: Management, Sale and Technology. The name which were shouted out at the ceremony had the most agreement of Leader Board and were secretly kept until the last minute.


Management Minh Tinh 2016: Mrs. Do Thanh Quynh – TVT Head of Accountant, Major


Technology Minh Tinh 2016: Mr. Le Ngoc Thanh – TVO Technology expert, Mr. Nguyen Manh Linh (picture) –Head of TVS Solution and Integration, Mr. Phung Quoc Tuan – Head of TVC Maintainance


Sale Minh Tinh: Mr. Hoang Linh – TVT Saleman

All of achievement and major changes of Tinhvan unit members in the year of 2016 was illustrated vividly and exciting through the play “Tao Quan: Gossip before the meeting”. Even having disappeared in previous years but this coming back to stage performance still attracted all of Tinhvaners cannot leave their eyes off them.


Nam Tao & Bac Dau of Tinh Van