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Tinhvan Outsourcing implements AEON Mobile App system vi

On September 12, 2018, at AEON Vietnam’s Head Office (AEON Mall Tan Phu Celadon), the launch of AEON Consumer Mobile App project built up and performed by Tinhvan Outsourcing Joint Stock Company (Tinhvan Outsourcing) was held.

AEON was established in 1758, is currently one of the largest retail trade groups in the world with 179 domestic and foreign joint ventures in Japan. In Vietnam, coming to AEON Supermarket and Shopping center, customers can easily find a variety of goods, products that meet safety and hygiene standards of Japan, and have more choices about cuisine with hundreds of dishes suitable to Vietnamese’s tastes.

The constructing of Customer Loyalty Mobile App System is expected to increase customer engagement, encourage customers to come to AEON Malls to shop by allowing them to track their accumulated points on the app, redeem points for vouchers, and use the voucher at the counter as well as directly on the app.

Other programs such as Promotion, Event or Mailer (shopping guidebook) sent to customers via app instead of traditional printing will help save printing costs, at the same time increase more chances for contact with users, which means increasing the effectiveness of AEON’s marketing programs.

In the future, a broadcast device will be attached at Mall’s counters and surrounded the Mall by bus stations. By using of this new application of Tinhvan Outsourcing, when the users go through these counters, they will receive a notification from the app about the promotions of such counters as well as the schedule of the bus routes to come. In addition, the application has many other backend features, making it easier to shop at AEON Malls.

Customer Loyalty system is the first cooperation between AEON Vietnam and Tinhvan Outsourcing Joint Stock Company (TVO), by being selected as one of AEON’s trusted IT partners, TVO has chances to implement larger projects and be present in all operations directed to AEON’s customers, as well as IT systems used for the management and internal operations of the Group.