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Column level database encryption solution of Korea- CubeOne is introduced in Vietnam vi

On the morning of April 18, 2019, at Lotte Hotel, Hanoi, Tinhvan Bank Financial Software Joint Stock Company (Tinhvan Solutions) and its partner eGlobal Systems held the seminar “CubeOne Solutions Day 2019”.

The seminar introduced to the guests about CubeOne – a solution of column-level database encryption that allows to encrypt important and sensitive data fields such as account numbers, ID numbers, phone numbers, etc. instead of encrypting the entire Database. Column level encryption allows the optimization of system performance and storage capacity.

From the left_Mr. Tran Thanh Trung (TVS), Mr. Le Manh Hung (SBV), Mr. Choi Kang Suk (eGlobal System), Mr. Nguyen Ngan Quyen (TVS)

Speaking at the event, Mr. Le Manh Hung – Director of ICT Department of the State Bank said: “As a state management unit in the banking sector, the State Bank is also a unit giving many priorities for ensuring information security, data safety and always studying and learning new and advanced technologies. In the process of researching and testing, CubeOne is a new technology solution that allows the encryption to the column level and has remarkable results with the problems of the State Bank.”

Mr. Le Manh Hung –General Director of ICT department of State Bank gives an opening speech in the program

CubeOne solution handles all encrypted data, supports all search ranges such as: equal, like, between, greater than, less than … with encrypted data and encrypted index. This feature ensures a high level of security for the database.

Besides, CubeOne also allows specific and detailed decentralization by each role that even DBA (Database Administrator) is not allowed to access the encrypted data without permission.

All of these features of CubeOne help ensure the security and safety of information even there is loss or leaking information.

Mr. Tran Thanh Trung – General Director of Tinhvan Solutions and Mr. Chai Kang Suk – Vice President of eGloabl System demo and answer the questions of guests about CubeOne

Another important aspect when encrypting data is ensuring system performance. With CubeOne, the system will be optimized and reduced the performance to a low level – this ensures the data is encrypted and also ensures ability to handle databases up to many million records and without downtime the system performance.

CubeOne has different options for customers when applying: customers can encrypt from the database layer (using CubeOne Plugin product) or encrypt from the application layer (using CubeOne API product).

Overview of the Seminar

CubeOne has been successfully implemented in many typical banks, enterprises, and organizations in Korea such as the Ministry of Defense of Republic of Korea, the Ministry of Education, the Hyundai Group, the Samsung Group, etc. In Vietnam CubeOne has been implemented successfully at Vietnam State Bank and has been tested at the State Bank on the operating application and gives positive initial results. Tinhvan is the only partner deploying CubeOne products in Vietnam.


eGlobal Systems is a data security company founded in October 2004. eGlobal Systems has many years of experience in the field of data security, management and adjustment. CubeOne is a leading database encryption solution in Korea, the product has been proved by over 1000 customers.

Tinhvan Bank Financial Software Joint Stock Company – Tinhvan Solutions (TVS), formerly known as Software Solution and System Integration Center, was established on June 1, 2010. Tinhvan Solutions has the function of developing, providing software, services and IT – telecommunication equipment in the domestic market. TVS aims to become the leading software developer and IT service provider in the Finance – Banking market; Public finance and related fields.