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Opening the E-portal of the Supreme People’s Procuracy of Vietnam developed by Tinhvan vi

On June 18, 2020 afternoon, the Supreme People’s Procuracy of Vietnam (SPPV) held the opening ceremony of the e-portal VKSNDTC with the domain name https://vksndtc.gov.vn/. This is the e-portal built by the solutions center for government, Finance & Banking (Tinhvan Solutions) built by Tinhvan Holdings.

Representatives of all parties pressed the button to open VKSNDTC e-portal

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Le Minh Tri – Director of SPPV, Deputy Directors, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Mr. Tran Thanh Trung – Director of Tinhvan Solutions, representative of the Ministry of Information and Communication, news agencies and member of the Editorial Board of VKSNDTC e-portal.

Director of SPPV Le Minh Tri spoke at the ceremony

In 2007, stemming from the need for IT application tool to serve the management and dissemination of the law, the VKSNDTC website was put into operation. For 13 years of operation, the Website needs to be upgraded to a E-portal to respond, in a better manner, to the administration, propaganda and reform of administrative procedures of the SPPV in the new period.

Compared to the News site, the e-portal, in addition to its scientifically designed and user-friendly interface, also has the following features:

  • Converted to the new MS Sharepoint technology platform;
  • Support readers to access information conveniently;
  • Assist Editorial Board in editing and approving news articles directly on e-portal;
  • Attach importance to and ensure data security and safety;
  • Allow integration of professional software, improve text look-up.
  • Build electronic information in English, increase information accessibility for international readers.

Interface of VKSND e-portal

It can be seen that Tinhvan Solutions’ application of I-Portal solution to successfully build the E-portal for government agencies (SPPV, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Assembly, …) with three of four largest banks in Vietnam (Vietcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV) have contributed to demonstrate Tinhvan’s leading position in this field.


More information about Tinhvan Solutions

The Solutions Center for Government and Banking Finance (Tinhvan Solutions) under Tinhvan Holdings is a provider of e-portal solutions and e-library – digital library solutions, develop solutions software for education – training, public services.

Besides deploying IT solutions depending on customers’ needs, Tinhvan Solutions also owns and develops Tinhvan’s core products such as: Tinhvan I-Portal Solutions, E-File file management solutions, Electronic library – digital library solutions Libol, document and job management software Foldio, etc. These products received many prestigious awards such as: Sao Khue Award, ICT Gold Cup…

Tinhvan I-Portal Solutions allows building and maintaining information system on the Internet or Intranet, with services as a professional Website. All services are integrated in the interface that is unified and all on the Web environment.