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Tinhvan’s 26th Anniversary vi

On July 18, 2020, the 26th Anniversary of Tinhvan birthday took place at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort with the participation of nearly 200 Tinhvan employees in Hanoi.

This year’s program consists of 2 parts Team-building and Birthday Gala, elaborately arranged with special performances performed by Tinhvaners themselves and fun group games that require members to be fast. Agile, skillful and know how to coordinate well with teammates.

At the event, Tinhvaners listened to President Hoang To’s sharing about the Group’s persistent efforts to steer the organization and fulfill its tasks in very unfavorable conditions led by Covid during the past 6 months. Despite the disease, Tinhvan not only stood firm but also achieved better revenue growth compared to the same period last year, profit and cash flow were better than planned. These achievements are the most cherished gift that 500 brothers Tinhvan have made efforts to win, celebrating the 26-year-old company’s birthday.

Although I have been just a member of Tinhvan for 1 year, I’m fortunate to have attended 2 Tinhvan birthday parties and each time left me with special feelings. That was the creativity of the Organizing Committee, solidarity and efforts of members from different units of Tinhvan, even there were many people who have just met for the first time, but once to be a team, everyone all showed the determination to work together in teambuilding competitions in spite of the “sunny” weather, together we shine together. That was also the feeling of the birthday party at Flamigo Dai Lai with its unique home-grown performances and full of interesting surprises. Tinhvan has stepped into a new age, with the honor of being a small member of Tinhvan Grand Family, I wish Tinhvan will be stronger and stronger, win a lot of new “delicious” contracts, and the birthday of the following year we can have a toast to congratulate Tinhvan’s birthday in Dubai as well as wishes of the MC. Happy birthday TinhVan and Cheer!!! ” – Truong Trong Loi (TVO) –