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Kefico integrates HiStaff in an employee-oriented “ecosystem” vi

In early September 2020, Hyundai Kefico Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Kefico) and Tinhvan Consulting JSC  signed a contract of deploying HiStaff Human Resource Solution at Kefico.

Through the process of thorough and careful research, Kefico decided to sign a contract of deploying HiStaff. HiStaff was not only a software but also a general human resource management solution that helped Kefico solve many complex problems for a production unit with more than 2,000 employees.

Problems that HiStaff help Kefico to solve include:

  • Solve complicated timekeeping and salary calculation problems for production units.
  • Help Kefico plan resources effectively.

At the same time, HiStaff is also highly appreciated for its prospect of helping Kefico save costs and efforts in human resource management. The solution, after successful deployment, is expected to meet all requirements of a modern and optimal human resource management system.

HiStaff will be deployed in Kefico with all subsystems:

  • Organizational management subsystem (OM)
  • Human resource profile management subsystem ((iProfile)
  • Timekeeping management subsystem (iTime)
  • Salary management subsystem (iPay)
  • Insurance management subsystem (iInsurance)
  • Human resource portal (iPortal)
  • Mobile application
  • Management reports (iReports)
  • System management subsystem (iSecure)
  • Warning system, utility

HiStaff is trusted and used by Kefico and integrated into the “ecosystem” towards employees is the joy and pride of Tinhvan Consulting team. Tinhvan Consulting commits to dedicate good resources to successfully implement the project.