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Tinhvan completes the construction of 2021 Business Plan vi

In early December 2020, Tinhvan Group held a meeting of “Business Plan (BP) Protection 2021” with the participation of members of the Board of Directors and key personnel of all units. Tinhvan Consulting is the last unit to protect Business Plan 2021, thereby completing the construction of Tinhvan Group BP 2021.

In the end of the meeting, the Board of Directors reached an agreement on setting the central targets for 2021 which was the “Orientation for Digital Transformation under the Government’s DT Program”. In addition, specific plans and strategies for each stage and sales targets were also presented, analyzed and frankly criticized in order to plan a clear development direction in accordance with the capacity of unit.

2021 will be a year of pressure for all units to achieve the sales and profit targets set by Board of Directors. The 2021 target is considered ambitious but not unrealistic at all because we have bases and afford to conquer the challenge if every chain link in the whole apparatus tries their best.

It can be seen that, for recent years, the slogan of “Digital Synergy” has been clearly shown through a series of events and projects implemented by the units under Tinhvan Group. Tinhvan has been and will always maintain and promote that spirit in order to create a resonant power to bring Tinhvan ship through all ups and downs to reach the great sea.

Management level and related professional departments need to closely monitor the project pipeline, ensure progress, manage costs closely, as well as prepare contingency plans to cope with possible impacts of Covid.