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Tinhvan Culture vi

There are many cultural and sport event in Tinhvan. “The Youth” and “ My Tinhvan”, the two internal magazines are being waited by a lot of customers and friends. “Tinhvan Song” and its beautiful melody ring everytime we have our events or year-end sum-up. “Tinhvan Union” is the organization taking care of our employees’ mental lives. And, over the years, there have been a massive number of other activities such as Football Leagues, Games Competitions, Short Story Contest, Poem Contests, Photo Shooting Contests, Volunteer Campaigns, Beatles Nights, etc…
However, Tinhvan Culture is not just group activities, is is a collection of behavioral manners based on the core principle “Customer is the centre”. Below is a 5-word poem describing the uniquenesses of Tinhvan Culture, one of the core values which has helped Tinhvan gain it growth and development in the past 26 years