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Shared experience in implemented ISO/IEC 27001:2005

In the morning of the May 18, at the Trade Union Hotel, Ministry of Information and held the “Conference on execution of quality management systems in Vietnamese information techonology businesses”.

The Conference is witnessed by Deputy Minister of Information and Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong, representatives of other sectorial units of the Ministry and those from information technology companies in Vietnam as well as local and international experts. Experts, at the conference, shared real experience in execution of quality management systems and production procedures as requirements for human resources and funds for these systems in Vietnam. Mrs. Le Phan Viet Ha- Head of Quality Control Department, representative of Tinhvan Group, shared her valuable experience in execution of ISO 27001 (ISMS) by the Tinhvan Group.

Tinh Van Telecom Joint Stock Company is one among no more software companies implementing, at the same time, 3 quality management systems as for ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and CMMI level 3. The ISO-27001:2005 is an international certificate of information security management certified by DAS. The CMMi-3 is certificate of assessment on the maturity of production procedure of software developed by Softwware Engineering Institute (SEI) of America. It is obvious that Tinhvan Group is operating a leading quality management system having been certified with three certificates of ISO-9001:2008, ISO-27001:2005 and CMMi-3, enabling him to strengthen his ability of contest and minimize risks of production and executed projects.

In recent years, software industry and digital contents has been witnessed with a rapid growth. Some enterprises improved their capability through applications of international standards such as CMMi, ISO. Owning an internationally recognized certificate seems to have a “passport” into the World software market to improve their business opportunities and attract more intenational investments. However, not many enterprises carried out their applications of these international standards in reality due to their disadvantages in terms of financial and experience issues.

A “Conference on the execution of quality management systems in Vietnamese information technology companies” is one among a series of events carried out under the Project of Assistance on businesses in building and applying production procedures according to CMMi standard –standards for assessment on maturity of software production procedure of America which is worldwide applicable. This project has been approved by Prime Minister and Ministry of Information and Communication is designated as the Employer.

It is known that, Ministry of Information and Communication started the assistance for 16 enterprises and 14 companies, in 2010 and 122011, respectively, who applied these international standards.