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Tinhvan’s Culture Day May 2012 vi

In the evening of May 08, 2012, Tinhvan’s Culture day with the theme: “Speed Dating” is held at Audio Phile café – Hacinco Student Village. Attending the program, Tinhvaners have witnessed with their own eyes and had a real experience of the matchmaking model Speed Dating.

Tinhvaners excited with activities of “Speed Dating”

This model allows participants to meet and chat with single people of another gender. They will have just enough time to decide: “Do I want to meet the person I have just talked to?” If the person whom he/she wants to meet also wants to meet him/her, both of them are ready for the next dating.

Pairs of young men and women exchanging their personal and contact information

Earlier, the 10 pairs of young men and women from TinhVan Group’s units sent a registration letter to participate in “Speed Dating”. To ensure the objectivity, the Organizing Committee used “draw lots” form and put the pair together at random. 10 pairs have had a short time to quickly exchange information and write their comments on the other person in the “dating ballot”.

Writing his/her comments on the other…

In the space filled with candle lights and sweet love songs, “Speed ​​Dating” has really become a meeting point for Tinhvaners to familiarize, chat, sing to each other and participate in meaningful intellectual games. This programme is not only a “party” for single people, but it also gives all the attended guests a romantic, surprising and interesting evening.

Tinhvan’s Culture Day is held regularly, with a view to giving Tinhvaners comfortable moments after work, chance to communicate and learn about many other issues with experts in many fields, or simply the moment to sit together in the theme music nights or funny programs like “Speed ​​Dating”.