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Intel worked with EDC to develop digital textbook

On July 26th, in Hanoi, Intel Vietnam, Education Ebook Distribution Joint Stock Company (EDC), a member of Vietnam Education Publishing House signed together an agreement to develop and apply technology to education in Vietnam.

In the agreement, Intel Vietnam and EDC cooperated to build a technology basis for Classbook on Intel microprocessor devices. The product will be used in Vietnam and other countries in area. Two companies made joint research and development for technology solution in future education. This also helped using Intel devices into Vietnamese education system.

Mr. Mai Trung Cang, General Director of Intel Vietnam said: “Technology made innovation in our life and education is one of the aspects we want to see the change most. Although every countries has a different economic basis and different level of development, I believe that technology can change education in Vietnam like happened in other countries. Digital book is attracted considerably in many countries and Intel wants to work with EDC to release Classbook with Intel microprocessor devices for Vietnamese and South East Asia markets”.

Mr. Pham Thuc Truong Luong, Director of EDC said: “Intel and EDC, Vietnam Education Publishing House have the same target to introduce new teaching and study by technology in schools. Tablet computer for education made by Intel has a lot of strength in hardware and installed applications. We hope to work with Intel to translate it into Vietnamese and turn it into a tool to support study for Vietnamese children.”

Having 16 years experience in Vietnam, Intel is not only a multinational company but also one of the organizations with leading ideas and investment into education and human resources.

The ideas include: improve efficiently the technology skill for more than 80.000 Vietnamese teachers, popularize Internet and computer in “PCs For Life” by bringing them to 24 provinces in remote areas in Vietnam, “Smart computer – successful enterprise” project, hold many conferences about solutions to technology in business for average and small companies”, introduce fields relating to technology to more than 7000 average and small companies in Vietnam.

Especially, in a project called World Ahead leading to developing countries, Intel cooperated deeply with Vietnamese Government and companies to build a global-scale technology infrastructure, get accessible to internet through wide-scale connection and train more teachers using efficiently technology in education.

EDC, a member of Vietnam Education Publishing House has function and responsibility to research solutions for digital textbook, digital teaching documents, materials and software and reading devices for education nationwide.On June 26, EDC introduced officially the first digital textbook called Classbook to everyone. Classbook has already a package of textbooks and reference books from 1st grade to 12th grade. On using classbook, user can be freely accessible to every reprinted textbooks. Besides that, classbook has more than 20 tools to support subjects for people of all age.

Not only does classbook transfer the information in textbooks in traditional way, but it can also help people to edit and connect to multi-media tools for study and interaction to the content. Pupils can appreciate their level on themselves through the tests. They are mechanized by checker and automatic timer, and then they give users answers. Importantly, parents can follow their children’ results with it.

Besides the content in the device, user can visit online library and Classbook Store application (http://classbook.vn/), the address provides user kinds of books such as textbooks, reference books, teacher’s books, soft skills teaching books. Even the device can build an experimental room and teaching documents, library of examinations. With the open information, Classbook is supported by publishers, online teaching providers and built and shared by teachers. In Classbook for teacher, Classbook gives lecturers document and teaching sample through removable card.

Aimed to apply technology to teaching tools, Classbook, used for 1st grade to 12th grade, covering near 15 millions pupils in Vietnam, improve the standard of study. Parents can control their children to access internet thanks to installed mechanism.

In the testing period, classbook was introduced in nearly 40 schools in Hanoi, HCM city, Hai Phong and Danang. Many pupils and teachers determined to use it.