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Classbook awarded VIFOTEC 2013

On April 24, Classbook – Digital textbook of Education eBook Distribution Joint Stock Company (EDC) was honored to receive the third prize from Vietnam Fund For Supporting Technological Creations 2013. This year, there are not the first and second prize in high-tech and telecommunication.

Being the solution for education, Classbook is designed to meet the demand of teaching and study on class as well as at home. It is suitable for teachers and pupils.

The author group of Classbook project includes: Mr. Pham Thuc Truong Luong (Director of EDC), Mr. Nguyen Quan Son (Deputy Director of EDC), Mr. Nguyen Thuong Dung, Mr. Ha Dang Chinh (MSc, National University of Singapore), Mr. Tran Minh Vuong and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Chung (MSc in Computer Science).

 Besides traditional textbooks, Classbook also provides a lot of informations to save time and money at website www.classbook.vn. The content in Classbook is reviewed by Vietnam Education Publishing House. Specially, the usage of technology on Classbook gives readers utilities in study. Moreover, it helps parents manage their children’s study. Classbook connects to well-reputed ebook providers.

Mr. Pham Thuc Truong Long, the leader of the project said: “Not only does it support pupils in getting knowledge, Classbook helps them assess themselves through tests and automatic timer. Parents can follow the results to see their children’s progress. Through Classbook, EDC want to build basis for new education and help users in study. It’s the message of Classbook: “bring easily, study well”.

Before getting VIFOTEC Award 2013, Classbook received Vietnam Talent Award 2012 for potential products, Sao Khue Award 2012 for excellent technology products and other awards. Up to now, there are more than 10000 people including teachers and pupils from 30 provinces using Classbook nationwide.