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General Director Tinhvan Outsourcing attends the 3rd Meeting of VJC vi

In the afternoon of May 14, 2019, Mr. Nguyen Ich Vinh – CEO of Tinhvan Outsourcing and Tinhvan Japan attended the 3rd Great Meeting of the Vietnam – Japan IT Cooperation Club (abbreviated as VJC) in Ha Noi.

Mr. Nguyen Ich Vinh gives a report to summarize the activities of the Club for the second term

With the role of Vice Chairman of VJC, Mr. Nguyen Ich Vinh  presented the “Report on the results of VJC’s for the second term”. Accordingly, from 2011, when VJC’s second term began, VJC and VINASA and Japanese partners have collaborated to carry out activities in many fields. VJC’s activities have achieved many positive results such as:

– Since 2011, VJC has organized 21 regular meetings and shared among members of which 11 meetings were organized in Hanoi and 10 meetings were organized in Ho Chi Minh City;

– Organizing and welcoming 5-10 Japanese business delegations to visit and learn about Vietnamese businesses every year;

– Organizing more than 20 programs to visit organizations and businesses in Japan within the framework of events in Japan;

– VJC has collaborated with partners to create a series of periodic trade promotion activities including: Vietnam IT Day in February; SODEC exhibition in Japan IT Week (Japan IT Week) in May; Japan ICT Day in October;

– Some activities about informing, consulting, and talk-show about the policy between Vietnamese and Japanese enterprises;

– Training and developing human resources;

After that, Mr. Vinh also shared the limitations of the club, then the Meeting discussed and proposed solutions.

Former VJC Chairman shakes hand with Mr. Nguyen Ich Vinh to thank for organizing the activities of the club in the period 2011 – 2018

At this Meeting, Mr. Vinh continued to be elected as a member of the VJC Club Executive Committee. Mr. Le Quang Luong, General Director, Luvina Software Joint Stock Company was elected as Chairman in the new term of VJC. At the end of the program, the members discussed about the program of operation VJC in term of 2019-2024 and the proposal to change the name “Câu lạc bộ hợp tác CNTT Việt Nam – Nhật Bản”, English name is “Vietnam – Japan IT Cooperation Club” into “Uỷ ban hợp tác CNTT Việt Nam – Nhật Bản”, English name is “Vietnam IT Cooperation Committee”, the abbreviated name remains unchanged as VJC.