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Tinh Van, especially TVO – a professional company in providing comprehensive, efficient and diversified outsourcing and BPO services, both inland and offshore.

  • Mobile solution & applications development
Developing mobile solutions to help businesses easily connect with massive customers or improve the efficiency of business activities, at the same time elevate user’s experience across applications and mobile solutions
  • Large scale system development
Deploying unified management system and comprehensive business models of large-scale model
  • System integration
Deploying business model direct support systems for the entire customer, at the same time meets the requirements of optimizing both technology and commercial transferring.
  • Immigration service
Migrating and upgrading clients' systems, while ensuring stable operation and data integrity
  • System maintenance
Ensure client system to operate well
  • Testing
Detecting the instability of the system and remedying and minimizing the damage and instability of the application and the customer's system
  • Offshore Development Center (ODC)
Providing a team of high qualified engineers, matching with the requirements of competence, experience and skills to execute specific designated projects by the customer. The maintaining of stable personnel specialized experts in the ODCs for each client, ensuring the accumulation of experience, knowledge and habits for highest project productivity.

 Implementing sectors
  • Automotive
Providing and integrating industrial technology products into the automotive to help increase competitive advantage for automakers
  • Tourism
Providing software solutions and consulting services which enables users to easily search for travel information such as trip schedules, reviews on hotels, booking, reservation, road guide... by single manipulation
  • Logistics
Providing solutions that enables factories to effectively manage and simplify product lines from the factories to users
  • Consumer goods
Providing solutions that help in improving business efficiency of clients

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