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The 17th Anniversary of Tinh Van Birthday

On 20 July every year, Tinhvan Group holds a birthday party of the Group. With the slogan “Deep tracks”, Tinhvan Group held its 17th birthday party in a warm and family-atmosphere party targeted at each company member

Witnessing the party, almost leaders of Tinhvan Group and 3 foundation members of the Company including Mr. Nguyen Quan Son – Deputy General Director of Finance of Tinhvan Group, Mr. Nguyen Son Tung – Vice Chairman of Management Board cum Deputy Director of Tinhvan Outsourcing and Mr. Nguyen Khanh Hoan – Vice Chairman of Management Board of the Tinhvan Group.

At the party, the Chairman cum General Director of the Tinhvan Group, Mr. Hoang To shared his feelings of the 17-year history of establishment and development of the Tinhvan Group, its achievements and failures, particular culture and spirit values of the Tinh Van. Tinhvan Group, after a long 17-year period of development and growth with both up and down journey, Tinhvan Culture is, however, kept and protected- a unique and particular and humane culture with characteristics of the dynamic and active youth. These are also sustainable core values of Tinh Van.

Right after the solemn ceremony, Tinhvaners were impressed with the play “Tinh Van Joy” based on the subject ODE to JOY, the symphony No 9 written by a German composer, Ludwig van Beethoven with lyrics by Tinh Van. The play was followed by a contest “Tinhvan’sgot talent” expected by many audiences. This was a talent contest for Tinhvaners coming from member companies of the Tinhvan Group including Tinhvan Consulting (TVC), Tinhvan Outsourcing (TVO), Tinhvan Telecom (TVT), Tinhvan Solution (TVS) and the supporting center Back Office (BO). Everybody were excited with the love song “Word of the wind” by TVO, impressed with “Bèo dạt mây trôi-” in the sound of an acmonica and guitar performed by TVS, happy with “modern Mountain Genie and Sea Genie” by TVC, or a comedy “Fatal banana” by BO, active in dancing steps musical plays “Tinh Van: Do the most– Be playful” by TVT.

Other activites apart from those performed in the contest are also attractive. That is, “A curve” peformed actively by two experienced singers from Tinh Van, the “First love song” sung with deep love and passion, and a short but humane play “Mum, I am wrong” as well as a humorous video clip apart from a meticulous works parepared by Tinh Van – TVi which got all audiences surprised all the time. The play by Tinhvan Telecom was granted with the first prize for their best efforts of creativeness and fluttering by players and the show was rather appricated and encourages by examiner’s board and audiences as well al staffs and officers of Tinhvan Group.

In order to have an interesting show like this, all home “actors” and “singers” of Tinh Van Group tried their best to practice with a desire to give their colleagues as audiences a meaningful art performance so that the birthday party of Tinh Van could be an annual cultural festival and event to cement all members working under the same roof of Tinh Van.

The performance ended with the awarding planned (from the encouragement to first, second and third prize). However, the audiences cannot forget the happiness and joy of the night-show so that a 17 year-old Tinh Van can be strong to be confident to go ahead on a new road with success