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“One day Staff” at Tinhvan Group vi

In the morning of March 27, 2012, more than 20 students of Faculty of Information Technology of some universities: Hanoi University of Technology, University of Engineering and Technology, College of FPT, etc., has a field trip to Tinhvan Group in “one day staff ” program organized by Vietnam Student Newspaper.

“One day staff” program is the initiative of Vietnam Student Newspape in order to provide students with opportunities to observe and learn the  real working environment, therefore help students be equipped with overview of corporate culture, working environment, job requirements, orientation and career development opportunities … Officially launched in September 2011, the program has become a bridge to help students have a field trip to large corporations such as: FPT, BKAV, VNG Group, Aprotrain Group …

Deputy General Director Pham Phuc Truong Luong communicating with students

Opening “one day staff” program at Tinhvan Group, Mr. Pham Thuc Truong Luong – Deputy General Director of Tinhvan Group sends his warm greetings to “one-day staff of Tinhvan Group” and guides students to take part in a small test. Accordingly, each student will in turn provide information about Tinhvan that he/she knows. Many students have expressed their surprise and delight on the picture “A bus with hilarious passengers” of Tinhvan. That special feature has been shared by Tinhvan’s Board of Management as follows: The bus stands for Tinhvan’s management philosophy. “Bus philosophy” is regarding to a method of getting people with similar sense of purpose to the same organization. In their journey, the bus will stop at many different bus stops to see off those who want to get off and welcome the new passengers to get on. The most importance of every journey is not the destination, but that all people with the same aim will accompany together and feel happy and comfortable”.

Students excited in the FAQ section with Tinhvan Group Board of Directors

In the program, Ms. Chu Lan Phuong, head of the HR and Administration Department of Tinhvan Group introduces to students an overview of Tinhvan Group and recruitment information. Students’ concerns and questions related to information technology, career opportunities and experience in an interview have been answered with real stories and situations by Mr. Nguyen Vinh Tho – Vice Director of Tinhvan Solutions and Hoang Trong Linh from TVi.

Right after the program, some students have bravely applied for some positions that Tinhvan Group are recruiting. “This is a special thing that has never happened before although there have been a lot of other programs in many small and large organizations in the past, and we appreciate it”, Kieu Hai, program’s reporter, promtly said.

The program ends with students’ visiting of working environment at Tinhvan Group. Thanks to detailed instructions of Mr. Nguyen Khanh Duy – Director of Technology, Tinhvan Telecom, the students have had an overview of the functions, activities and daily work requirements of each department. This is really a valuable experience for the students to enter into a new working environment in the future.