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MC Corp to release Mobay Card

On October 9th, 2013, MC Corp released officially cards for 10 game products

Some samples of Mobay Card published by MC Corp

With pre-paid Mobay Card, MC Corp became the first publisher in Vietnam to have card for Game Mobile Online (gMO). Nowadays, gMO has intergrated in the market more deeply than PC. As a result, a number of publishers took the chance to earn money from gMO. However, the arrival of Mobay card turned MC Corp into a leading and motivated publisher. Moreover, the card helps users have more experience in playing game. “Play well, Pay easily” is the message Mobay Card follows.

Mobay Card gives users more comfort when they buy PINCODE online on website, wapsite. The value of Mobay Card is very wide, gamers can choose many options suitable for their budget: 50.000VND, 120.000VND, 200.000VND, 500.000VND.

Firstly, card system is available in game store in Hanoi and HCM city and online card website: http://sieuthithe.com, https://esale.zing.vn, http://www.gamecardsvn.com, http://www.vnptepay.com.vn. Besides,user can buy Mobay card online on website: https://mcpay.vn. Linked to more than 21 banks in Vietnam, Mobay Card brings game world into your room.

The convenience can be applied to every gMO products of MC Corp including: Minh Chau, Minh Chu Vo Lam, Tru Than, Van Kiem, Vo Lam 3, Tuy Giang Ho, Tao Thao Truyen, 12 Guns, Ve Than, Tien Hiep 3. In the next time, user can apply Mobay Card to other gMOs and VAT services on mobile.

On the occasion of opening, MC Corp also gives a lot of events to customers:

–          Discount when using Mobay Card in events of other publishers

–          Save points on using Mobay Card

–          Join the lucky wheel event

–          Have a chance to receive stuff in games

Not only did MC Corp give the first online payment for gamer in July 2013, but the company also releases the first card for gMO in Vietnam. Once more time, MC Corp keeps asserting that it is the best publisher in Vietnam.