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Classbook be used in pilot class

In “Standard class” project made by department of education and training, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi, Experiment Secondary School had a pilot class with Classbook for teacher and students.

A pilot class of teachers and students in Experiment Secondary School with the supports of Classbook

Classbooks are used in 7th grade English class. In 45 minutes, 4 groups of 7D class presented their works in English. The pupils made plans and studied social life around them to write essays such as: cleaning study room, helping orphanage in Bo De pagoda… In the work, they could communicate English fluently and believe in themselves. Especially, the presentation is made totally by Classbook.

Classbook for teacher which is a new product of EDC helps lecturer connects to their pupil’s Classbook. Through that, they can share documents and check tests.

Students demonstrate their proficiency when using Classbook

The presentation is a result of education event supported by PBL – Project Based Learning and technology in teaching. The actions have been recently studied and applied by foreign teachers in Experiment Secondary School.

40 teachers who are the leaders of departments of English from schools in Ba Dinh District and Dong Da District join the program. Ngoc Tram, a teacher from Ba Dinh secondary school said: “I am impressed by pupils when they use slides to support their presentation. They believe in themselves and work professionally”.

Lan Hương