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Tinhvan Group and Intel donated 100 Classbooks to community

In March 21, 2014, in “PCs For Life” project by Ministry of Information and Communications, Tinhvan Group worked with Intel Group to commit The ministry to donate 100 Classbooks to pilot classes in some provinces.

Tinhvan Group & Intel commited to donate 100 Classbooks to community

The action of 2 companies expressed their effort to popularize technology in education and narrow digital gap, especially to improve standard of teaching in Vietnam. In plan, both companies will research and develop new-gen classbook to add more features in study.

  The Minister of Information and Communication and delegation of Thai Nguyen province paid much attention to this product

Pupils enjoy using Classbook

“PCs For Life” project by Ministry of Information and Communication was in World IT Forum 2009 with the main point to narrow digital gap in Vietnam. The event will attract enterprise’s donation to poor areas, which helps residents use computers and access internet to improve their living standard.

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