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Goyo Koun won Tinhvan League 2014 crown

In the afternoon of 21/6, in Thong Nhat stadium, the last two matches of Tinhvan League 2014 season between Goyo Koun – TVO and Balance Internet – NTT Data were organized.


TVO’s lineup in the final match

In the final match between Goyo Koun and TVO, shortly after the first whistle, players of both teams entered the contest with confidence. Goyo Koun with its superior physical and fitness advantages, right from the first minutes, launched successive attacks, thoroughly applying the motto “attack is the best option for defense”. At the 5th minute, in a chaotic situation in front of TVO’s goal, the guest team took advantage of the opportunity and successfully converted into the first goal in the final match.


TVO’s CEO – Mr Nguyen Ich Vinh directly cheered TVO’s players

During the match, Koun Goyo continuously carried out small and seamless combination to stretch the enemy team and pave the way to the goal of TVO. In this match, TVO’s goalkeeper has completely fulfilled his duty when preventing many sharp attacks of the guest team. However, Goyo Koun, with their pressing ability, showed their excellence in pair disputes to reach the goal and launch the shot at a close range.

In particular, to promote players’ spirit, Mr Nguyen Ich Vinh, TVO’s CEO also changed clothes and joined with his brothers. Playing as the lone striker, Mr. Vinh created many dangerous situations to the opponent’s goal.

At the end of the match, Goyo Koun defeated TVO to win Tinhvan League champion convincingly with the score 7 – 2. Although TVO was just the runner, they had shown a fairplay spirit at their best for the sake of Tinhvan’s image and were totally deserved to be loved by their fan.


NTT Data and Balance Internet draw during the official tournament

In the final round 1 between NTT Data and Balance Internet, both teams had shown equal strength in each ball dispute. With a draw of 1-1 after 50- minute official tournament, two teams had to delimitate via the aleatory shootout. Finally, with a good kick technique, plus a better luck, NTT Data had occupied the 3rd position in this season.

Goyo Koun won the Tinhvan League 2014 crown

Immediately after two matches, the Organization Board of Tinhvan League has organized the closing ceremony and awards for teams and players. As Tinhvan’s annual season, season 2014 is the first year with the participation of the guest team. Tinhvan League 2014 is organized with the desire to not only create a useful, healthy playground for Tinhvan staff but also build close relationship between partners through sport activities in an efficient and practical way.