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Tinhvan Outsourcing continuously received new contracts

From October 3rd to 8th, 2013, Tinhvan Outsourcing had contracts with Nano Equipment Pte Ltd to develop NHB game software (7th project), and Swag Soft LLP to build Restaurant App software (11th project).

After signing the contracts, a meeting was raised to ask Mr. Bui Thanh Tung to be the leader of two projects. He is a professional and experienced staff with foreign partners.

Both Nano Equipment Pte Ltd and Swag Soft LLP are  the prestigious company in Singapore. Nano Equipment Pte Ltd works in system intergration, mobile communication and interaction communication. Swag Soft LLP is a company providing Game Mobile Apps and Mobile Apps.

Having two  agreement with partners in Singapore, Tinhvan Outsourcing asserted a prestigious and experienced brand in software development.