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New generation of Classbook for learning and teaching

Intel in collaboration with Vietnam Education Publishing House introduced Classbook 2 with a compact design with many features and teaching.

The highlight of Classbook 2 is the design of thin screen frame combined with the main body of about 8 mm thickness and only 305g weight. Plastic shell is used, but, still feel solid thanks to its metal back, creating good adhesion.

Machine provides a mechanism of managing Internet access which allows parents to control and navigate the use of best fit for their children. Both microUSB and microHDMI help Classbook 2 to connect to peripheral devices and other players such as TV, projector or interactive whiteboard, facilitate teachers to display the prepared presentation for their lessons.

In terms of hardware configuration, Intel has brought Classbook 2 a pretty good computing performance with dual-core chip technology Atom architecturing Clover trail + 1.6GHz, which is used by many manufacturers of mobile device. Machine uses 1 GB RAM, built-in storage capacity of 16 GB with a microSD card slot for expandable storage capacity up to 32 GB if needed. Memory capacity is equivalent to 1,600 regular electronic books or 120 books with interactive multimedia data.

IPS Panel 2 integrated on Classbook 2 is able to ensure a good quality display in the narrow viewing angle. It can be used in 8 hours with the applications, Internet access, information search which is enough for a school day.

The main interface is presented as a bookshelf, center of Classbook 2 is full of nearly 300 latest digital textbooks, which are divided in grades from 1 to 12. Not only being the digitalization of traditional books, e-textbook Classbook is the combination of multimedia contents such as high- quality audios, images, and interesting video clips or simulation applications, virtual experiments which enable knowledge to become intuitive and vivid and users can easily interact while learning.

With digital textbook Classbook, students can shorten at least 15 minutes of the average learning duration compared to beforewards with better memorization of knowledge. Especially in English subject, the automatical dictionary function or sample pronunciation of each word, sentence, and conversation with native voice just with a touch can help users to practice speaking skill effectively. Besides, the lessons in the textbook are accompanied with the test content. Students can choose to do these exercises in two test modes or practice to self-assess their comprehension level. Recorded results also help parents to keep track of their children’s self-study.

Not only hardware technology, Intel also includes in Classbook the educational content in English of the program Intel Education used for English and sciences subjects. In addition, skill training program for teachers of English “Shaping the way we teach English” are also adapted and produced by University of Foreign Languages, Hanoi National University. The multiple choice test applications for English subject are compatible with the grades, especially exams are mutually coordinated for development.