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Tinhvan introduces about R3 technology at “Vietnam IT Day 2019” vi

In the afternoon of February 27, 2019, Mr. Trung TH – Business Development Manager of Tinhvan Japan had a presentation on Corda technology before representatives of Japanese IT Enterprises within the framework of the event “Vietnam IT Day 2019”.

Mr. Trung TH is presenting about R3 Corda technology before the representatives of Japanese IT Enterprises

Corda is an open source platform which is built to minimize the obstacles in commercial transactions. Corda is based on distributed-ledger-technologies (DLT), also known as decentralized ledger technology of which the typical application Blockchain technology.

Corda can also be applied in building KYC platforms (Know your customer) to identify and verify the identities of customer and object. Currently, Corda is being focused on research in enterprises that need digital authentication operations such as insurance, banking, credit institutions, production and trade, etc…

In Vietnam, Tinhvan Research and Development Center (TVLab) is an official partner of R3 Corda.

The overview of the conference