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Tinhvan celebrates the 24th birthday vi

On the occasion of the 24th birthday, Tinhvan Group in the North had a vacation combined between Team-Building and Birthday Party in Sam Son, Thanh Hoa from 19 to 21 July, 2018.

The trip of Tinhvan group began with the news that the storm No. 3 – Son Tinh storm slammed into the Northern provinces, of which Thanh Hoa is a province experienced severe influence of tropical depression. However, the spirit of Tinhvan was not affected due to such reason. All preparations and organizations were still carried out as planned.

Perhaps thanks to the great enthusiasm of the whole team, the weather was extremely favorable for Tinhvan on the day of the main event. On the morning of July 20, Tinhvan’s Team-Building program took place in cool weather, without rain, Tinhvan’s members were extremely excited and enthusiastic about participating in the parts: 1. Boat Racing on land; 2. Can you beat the rival?; 3. Quick steps; 4. Ocean conquering + dragon fighting.

Team-Building activities that Tinhvan organized were aimed at strengthening the solidarity, collectivism is given priority to individualism; the activities also reduce the stress, create the opportunity for the members to understand each other better so that they can give mutual support. Ms. Hoa NT – TVS shared that: “Such activities gave us fresh feeling, increased love of life, love for Tinhvan, and love between the colleagues. A few years ago when I was about quitting of the job, thanks to such fun Team-building activities, I decided to stay and engage with Tinhvan until now”.

Although we were all tired with Team-building activities in the morning, Tinhvan’s members were still full of energy to participate in the Tinhvan Birthday Gala program in the evening of the same day. Beginning the program are indispensable parts of a Birthday Celebration- the opening speech of Mr. Hoang To- President of Tinhvan Group; cutting birthday cake to celebrate the 24th birthday of Tinhvan; and especially the appreciating employees who contribute to the development of Tinhvan for long time. This is the first time that Tinhvan has had a celebration to recognize and reward the units with good achievements in the first 6 months for Tinhvan Outsourcing, Tinhvan Consulting, Tinhvan Educations, Tinhvan Solutions. The next part is the special performances of Tinhvan’s members: new remix Tinhvan song which is more modern and dynamic; Vietnamese-Japanese dance with its meaning of welcoming the TIS partner to join Tinhvan, the performance of cajon-drum mashup by Mr. Quang DN and Mr. Minh PQ; solo of rock song Black eyes- “Mat den” by Mr. Minh PQ. After the solemn and profound ceremony, Tinhvan’s members continued to be stirred up by fun mini games: “Latin dancing, Tinhvan Records and Tinhvan demands.”

Three days of eating – playing – relaxing together ended, as the conclusion for the program, TVExpress reporter cited the opening speech of the Chairman Hoang To: Turning 25, wishing that Tinhvan will become stronger, more decisive, innovative and progressed and wishing that all the units will achieve the results beyond the plan in 2018.