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Strategic Conference 2020 vi

On September 18, Board of Directors and some key personnel of Tinhvan Group participated in Strategic Conference 2020 at Ba Vi Resort.

After a period of strong restructuring together with positive and drastic measures to ensure business a finance promotion, the goal of this year’s Conference is to establish an action plan in 2021-2023 period for market or business model shift as well as proposing ideas for optimal business performance. 2021-2023 is an important period for recovery and development after the profound effects of the epidemic.

The main contents include:

  • Market analysis report
  • Current business capacity assessment report
  • Current capacity assessment report of Technology/ Products
  • Establishment of development strategy recommendation 2021-2023



This year, the units in turn presented solutions and recommendations for improvement to Tinhvan’s activities. The result was as follows:

TVS won the Strategy award


TVO won the Integral award


TVE won the Market Prize


TVD won the award of “Effort to surpass Covid”