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Core Values vi

From its early days until now, Tinhvan has been built through time based on the foundation of 3 core values which are Tinhvan Culture, Tinhvan Management Philosophy and Tinhvan Technologies. About culture, we are proud to have successfully built a unique cultural enterprise environtment described with outstanding features including closed relationships, humanism, creation, humorousity, and richness of intelligence and spirit. Tinhvan Culture helps our employees be aware of product & service quality to ensure the highest satisfaction of our customers, as well as help create a strong link between employees with the company, and among employees. Tinhvan is also very much pround to have a Management Team which consists of people who are talented, dedicated, vision-shared, and especially, always sticking together. In regards of technology competencies, Tinhvan has always been the leading company in the country in the fields of IT and software, with a lot of know-hows and IP patents relating to information security, Vietnamese language processing, Automatic translation, Recognition technologies and many other foundation technologies.