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Each and every year, Tinhvan Group has one slogan carefully selected by the Board of Directors with the criteria of being suitable for the development strategies, being fit in the macro economic conditions, as well as the internal current company’s operation. The slogan is the spirit of all members, departments in Tinhvan, and it practically contribute a big part in helping Tinhvan get over difficult times, maximize internal strengths, and quickly catch opportunities for stable and growing development in the past years.
  • 2016 - "Go Service"
“Go Service” denotes the transformation of business in three aspects: Technology, Business Model and Business Nature. Technology: Gradually shifting from software development to SaaS, from sofware outsourcing to cloud outsourcing, focusing on IT Services and the 3rd Platform SMAC. Business Model: Changing from B2B or B2C to B2B2C. “Go Mass" continues to be the preferred model, but the offered products must have more industry insights and consultancy, focusing on clients' core business and emphasizing on mobile marketing, creating true values and advantages for the customers. Business Nature: Preparing for the transformation from pure IT business to BT, utilizing the technology and considering go to market speed, user convenience and domain knowledge are keys to success. The spirit of the "Go Service" strategy is "service mindset" - a devoted attitude to serve customers. This business principle seemed a default and is usually used as slogan, but in fact it is not easy at all to implement. Service mindset demonstrated by sincerity and constant efforts, and must be kept in minds of every leader, every employee. Even the business operations can be restructured to better served the customers, bringing true and lasting values for them and more importantly, being a reliable partner for their growth.
  • 2015 "OKR"
The biggest difference of the business planning activities at the year of 2015 of Tinhvan is the methodology of strategy-oriented Administration - Objects & Key Results (OKR). OKR was known as a sufficient administration method which has been applied in Google and Intel since 1999 up to now. With this method, the Objects of the business plan picture was defined in general level, follow up with the Key Results in order to measure the completion of the objectives. This method sound simple but can bring huge impact by creating working motivation and new vitality to employees at all levels.
  • 2014 "Keep learning"
In the year of 2013, the working result was improved significantly when total revenue of Tinhvan group was increased 50%. The indicator of average revenue per capital increased 80%. Stepping into 2014, the economy was forecasted kept facing many difficulties, the competiveness from inland and especially outside was more and more raising. The world is changing fast, while all 6 member units of Tinhvan are working in the knowledge-based economy, which is real demanded of creative thinking. The only chance to survive is by self-changing and adaptability. That means the only way to survive is keeping learning and improving. There is no way but keep learning and improving, keep leaning toward new knowledge to meet the requirement of work that more and more challenging, demanding and complex nowadays. And also note that self-learning, self–improvement and self-reflection will always bring a better result in comparison with “being trained”.
  • 2013: "Discipline", "Creativeness, " Ecosystem”
In the year of 2013, Tinh Vân will keep demonstrating the slogan of 2012 and step by step create a “Discipline Culture” – a culture that not to discipline people, but to help people working in the environment of self-adaptability, dignity and self-control. That is for Tinhvan Group to survive, overcome the difficulties and to develop surther in the year of 2013. 2013 will also be the year that Tinhvan striving for the potential Creativeness within each individual, daring to apply new ideas in every task even the smallest. That is because in a changing Information Technology, software and digital solution market, the only way to standout is by Creativeness and Endless Creativeness. 2013 is also the year that mark the re-structure phase of Tinhvan Group has come to completion. Tinhvan is going to be a technology Ecosystem with 6 unit members performing well in software/ digital market with various technology platform. In the situation of not-so-optimistic economy, each separated unit will have to face with high risks, but the whole Ecosystem will have vehement vitality, and the overall will be bigger and much stronger than the total of each separated individual.
  • 2012 “Discipline to excel”
The slogan of  “Discipline to be outstanding” of the year of 2012 shows the spirit of creating a strong “Discipline Culture” which will not focus on disciplining people but toward a passionate love with work, self-control and self-respect. “Discipline Culture” has be to formed, spread and insprired from the Leaders. Tinhvan has a strong belief that the slogan of “Discipline Culture” will help to step by step complete the Corporate Governance, in order to overcome the crisis storm of 2012 and keep developing further.
  • 2011 – “Plow Deep, Hoe Deep”
  The year of 2010 with the slogan “Potential Released” observed not much success in business, but Tinhvan created and accumulated many important values for the entire Group on the way to IPO and go listing on the Stock Exchange. Business areas of Tinhvan have now become rich and fertile, and have been well planned over the years. In order to achieve a sharp growth, it is necessary to have high focus on the core businesses to maximize the current strength and experiences with the spirit of being hard-working, realistic, and focused of each and every member of Tinhvan. These qualifications do exist and that’s the gold lying inside Tinhvan. To best utilize and leverage this gold mine, the slogan of 2011 was created as “Plow Deep, Hoe Deep”  
  • 2010 – “Potential Released”
  The year of 2009 with slogan “Together We Win”, Tinhvan synergistically worked to together gain double profits more than 2008. 2010 came with the slogan “Potential Released”. To employees, this “Released” is to really leverage the working capacity via KPI systems, and means the maximization of company profits with leaders and managers. With the Board of Director, “Released” means the total isolation between ownership and management in which the board members do not necessarily hold the important management position in the organization.  
  • 2009 – “Together We Win”
The year of 2008 with the slogan “Renovate or Die”, the reorganization brought initial outcomes. However, unexpected results incurred during the process when work pressure was being put directly on individual might lead to negative limits on company growth. 2009 came with the Slogan “Together We Win”. A united group is always stronger than each person alone. The synergy is the strongest catalyst and in the mean time, it is also the focus to create an extremely united team. Synergy brings great creation which go beyond the personal ego and contribute to the development of great ideas which do not reveal at the beginning. Such synergy will be the foundation for Tinhvan to become a united, harmonious and strong organization  
  • 2008 – “Renovate or Die”
  2008 is the year of an important step during the development process of Tinhvan. For the first time, the roadmap to IPO and listing in the Stock Exchange was clearly worked out after the successful internal equitization in July, 2007. To complete all the objectives of the roadmap, changes come as a natural demand. These changes include the spiritual renovation of every member’s highest dedication; the new management systems, vision, attitude, and willingness to take responsibilities from managers/leaders; renovation in working methodologies with results as the highest priority. These changes are the single confirmation about our opinion to put Customers as the centre for all operations, and it’s concluded in the slogan of 2008 “Renovate or Die”