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Tinhvan Consulting JSC., - Tinhvan Consulting (TVC)

  • Providing – Consulting – Implementing Human Resources Managemen Software (HiStaff)
  • Consulting strategy, architecture and itinerary of IT application for business
  • Consulting and implementing management solutions for enterprise such as CRM, ERP, etc
  • Consulting to restructure, normalize and improve business processes

Tinhvan Telecommunication JSC., - Tinhvan Telecom (TVT)

  • Designing and developing Vietnamese search portal – Xalo.vn and digital content distribution portal on mobile phones – Xalo Mobile.
  • Providing digital content  and value-added services mobile phones.

Minh Chau Entertainment JSC., - Minh Chau Corp (MC - Corp)

  • Developing and carrying on business of games, specially the games on handheld devices of all kinds.

Tinhvan Solutions JSC., – Tinhvan Solutions (TVS):

  • Analyzing, designing and deploying software solutions for customers from Government, Education area.
  • Deploying Tinhvan’s products such as: TViS, eFile, Libol, ...
  • Supplying and installing hardware and providing hardware integration services

Tinhvan Outsourcing JSC.,– Tinhvan Outsourcing (TVO)

  • Providing software outsourcing services to English speaking market including US, EU and Japanese market
  • Developing mobile apps/games

Tinhvan eBooks JSC.,– Tinhvan eBooks (TVB)

  • Online publishing and providing e-books distribution system
  • Designing and creating e-books, e-learning materials and developing education app