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Trinh’s Music Night

In the evening of the 17 August 2011, the Day of Tinh Van culture titled “Remember Hanoi of autumn” is held at the Café X6 –HACINCO student’s village. This is a pecial art performance taken place as a gift to those who love Trinh Cong Son music style as well for the talented composer himself.

The art performance is really a moment for Tinhvaners and those who love Trinh Cong Son music style. They gathered, listened and sang as well as felt each lyric and each old and past love story moaning in each Trinh’s song performed during the night.

The “sad love story” performed in a different but impressive manner by Mss. HaLPV and Mr. DuyNK, the “old leaf of the autumn” tormently performed by Mr. QuanPV, the “the joy chosen daily” sung in a true manner by Mr. HoanNK or the “a quiet tear” with much more sad feelings by Mr. MinhPQ, or “Going out in loneliness” sung by Mr. DuyNK. And many other songs written by the former composer, Trinh Cong Son, were performed by many Tinhvaners. They came, listened and sang; actually, they confided and told each other stories embodied in Trinh’s love songs under a candle night warmed up with blessing tipsy wines.

The “remember Hanoi of autumn ” turned to be rather more special under stories told by singer Thai Hoa – a popular and well-kown singer as for those who love Trinh music syle. In each song performed, the singer inserted an interesting story about the composer Trinh that no one seems to know. To him, the most important thing is to perform truly. The truth is the simpleness and spontaneousness because Trinh Cong Son wrote the song extremely naturally and simply as he could. If he had been too careful, the Trinh music style cound have not been itself as it is. Trinh style blossoms from the inner side and penetrates into deep feelings of singers.

One special visitor, singer Nguyet Ca, actually named Bach Thuy Linh came and enjoyed the night. In almost night box performance of Trinh music styles (the community of Trinh music fans), the singer is often witnesses as a singer who plays with her passion and over-excited in soft and loving lyrics in Trinh’s songs. To her, Trinh music has a strange style to win over the heart of everybody regardless of ages and social class, either the rich or the poor. According to Nguyet Ca, no one cannot remember and sing some lyrics or melodies of Trinh’s songs.

The third visistor of the party is Mr. Dinh Cong Sang – a member of the FPT Group and is also a typical fan of Trinh’s music, who organized and enjoyed a large number of art performance of Trinh Cong Son’s music style.

The Performance “remember Hanoi of autumn” is a special event held and organized by Tinh Van’s trade union in coordination and relation with TVi youth to perform as a gift for those who love Trinh’s music style. For last 17 years of development and growth in technologies and and business, the Tinh Van culture has been built up day by day and influenced on each individual of the Group to form a cohesive and friendly relations among talented and enthusiasm members; and it has become the pride of person when they present nature and characters of Tinh Van.

From the target that Tinh Van Culture is formed and created, shared, appreciated and followed by each person of the company in combination with other cultural values which have become tradition of the enterprise to build unique and specifics or distinctions in comparison with other businesses as a competitive advantage to be reliable to customers and basic human values for a sustainable development of the Company, the Day of Tinh Van Culture became an obvious event of Tinh van Culture and it is a special art performance expected by numberless Tinhvaners.