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This year – 2012, the slogan of Tinhvan Group will be: “Discipline to excel” vi

Tinhvan is an experiencing company with 17-year development, big customers, members  in different fields, strong personnel, a wide range of famous software products in the market, quality controlling and management system based on international standards.

However, we have never “excelled”. The product quality is not good enough “to excel”, even some bad products still exist in the market. The revenue is not big enough “to excel”, even falling behind some smaller companies. The brandname is not famous enough “to excel”, even ambiguous with many peope. The productivity is not good enough “to excel”. As a result, the income of employees is still low. The underlying reason for these weaknesses  is because Tinhvan lack “Discipline Culture”.

2012 is predicted a tough year for the economy in general and businesses in particular. Many companies may fall into bankruptcy. Cash is a serious problem in 2011 and will be evenscarcer, interest rate will further increase and be very difficult to mobilize. The traditional project market of Tinhvan, especially with TVS, TVC and TVHCM will severely affect due to the decrease in public investment. The mass market relating to TVT and MCC will also go down due to people’s spending tightening.

We cannot bring these weaknesses into the storm eye in 2012.

“Discipline Culture” (*) is a concept in the book “Good to Great” of the author Jim Collins in which shows that all great companies have “Discipline Culture”.  When an organization has “Discipline Culture”, it also needs discipline forms. “Discipline Culture” has the nature of self-managment and this self-management will help an organization excel.

Most individuals and businesses in our country lack discipline, easy to make actions against a mutual  goal. We ourselves allow us to make unacceptable actions. “Discipline Culture” requires us to thoroughly handle ourselves and later is  surrounding people.

“Discipline Culture” refuses all intentional violations into a organization’s value. Anyone who chooses another way will be left out. “Discipline Culture” requires people to follow a system in which they still have freedom and responsibilities. The role of leaders becomes more important when they have to set examples. Employees will observe leaders to see whether managers can motivate employees in thinking and actions consistent with the mutual goal of the organization.

In this coming 2012 crisis, “Discipline Culture” will create close connection with the mutual goal of Tinhvan Group as well as suit with each individual regardless of the current external situation. Opportunities will emerge from crisis. “Discipline Culture” will help us be alert to grasp best opportunities with the highest consistency. Tinhvan only can produce excellent products and services thanks to “Discipline Culture”. This culture hides the love for tasks, respects for each product made and will be consistent from the top to the bottom.

Building “Discipline Culture” is a long process and requires much effort and sacrifice. We have to accept for the mutual objective of the company. In this coming 2012, with the stability, we strongly believe that “Discipline Culture” will help Tinhvan stably overcome the storm and more than that, even “excel”.

(*) To whom further  concern “Discipline culture”: you can read chapter 6 of the book “Good to Great” – Author: Jim Collins or refer to  resources on the Internet. This is also the book defining the concept “Bus phisolophy” which really matches with Tinhvan culture.