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Restructuring Tinhvan Telecom vi

On Octorber 11th 2011, Tinhvan Telecomunications Jointstock (TVT)held the ceremony of establishing business centres and appointing the directors.

Based on the current situation of Tinhvan Telecommunications Jointstock Company as well as the development demands of some business divisions, TVT made decision to set up business centres such as  Xalo Channel Business Centre (BU1), XAS Channel Business Centre (BU2), Media Channel Business Centre (BU3), Text-based Business Centre (BU4), Music Business Centre (BU5) and Digital Business Centre (BU6). These business centres have functions of managing sales on channels, propose and implement channel development plans following the company’s strategy; developing maketing services and marketing on the Internet and on mobile; maintaining relations and support sales partners and channel users most effectively .

Also at the ceremony, TVT announced to establish Platform Department to maintain platform technology sytem (OCP, Web, SMS Gateway, Game Center), assuring the 24/7 technical support system for business centres.

The establishment of business centres ensures the consistency, appropriate move with the business strategy of TVT: becoming a big Content Platform in Vietnam in which allows content supplies sticking into, implementing sales and collecting money effectively. This new model will contribute to reducing internal frinction, stimulating strong growth in both revenue and the number of users.

(Mr) Hoang To – the Chairman cum General Director of the Tinhvan Group addressed at the ceremony: “It is regarded as a restructuring activity of TVT with the aim of boosting services comprehensively and consistently. With a high belief in capabilities of newly appointed directors, Tinhvan Telecom promises a breakthrough over the next time!”.