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Tinhvan’s Culture day in Feb 2012 vi

In the evening of February 13th 2012, Tinhvan’s Culture day with the theme: “Love and love charges in the price storm period” was held at Meeting Room 1 – Tinhvan Group. The program is a meaningful and useful  exchange between Tinvaners and the guest speaker – the psychologist Trinh Trung Hoa – a very familiar face from Linh Tam Consulting Company – the company consults emotion, love, marriage and family on 1088 PBX, VOV Transport Channel.

The exciting atmosphere of the first Tinhvan’s Culture day in 2012

The program became a real exciting forum where Tinvaners shared their opinions about love; consulting fun and deep experience for each other with the themes; “Love charges – who pays?”, “Ask love charges when breaking up”, “Save “love charges” in price storm period”.

Together with the psychologist Trinh Trung Hoa, Tinhvaners shared lots of know-how in love, experience to balance “love charges”, dealing with sensitive “love charges” situations of Tinhvaners.

The event also proposed many interesting suggestions for Tinvaners to have a sweet Valentine day.

The first Tinhvan’s Culture day of the year 2012 ended. Let’s wait for interesting things from other Tinhvan’s Culture days.