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Tinhvan Group celebrated International Women’s day vi

To celebrate International Women’s day, Tinh Van Technology Joint Stock Company (Tinhvan group) held the contest “Tinhvan’s Next Top Model”.

Participants in Tinhvan’s Next Top Model

Present at the contest were Tinhvan Group’s Executive Board , leaders of members together with lots of employees, especially Tinhvan female employees who are affectionately called Tinhvan fairies.

Tinhvan’s Next Top Model is the contest for male employees in Tinhvan Group. It includes 4 parts: Model Catwalk, Model Show, Model Talent and Model Conduct. Obviouslythis competition is a special gift of male employees  for “the rest of the world” in March 8th.

The performance and elaborate video clips of 5 participants in Tinhvan’s Next Top Model brought many interests, cheery laughter and warm applause, creating impressive and unforgettable International Women’s day.

Besides, magic performances of Tinhvan nurseries, popping dancing of Minh Chau Entertainment Joint Stock Company, hot belly dance of Tinhvan Outsourcing, the song “Hoa Sua” sang by (Mr) Phan Quang Minh –  Deputy General Director deputy general of Communciation and Lucky Draw program made contribution to the more exciting atmosphere of March 8th at Tinhvan Group, not only “hot” but also very cozy.

At the end of the program, a buffet party was held with many dishes favourite with women, creating opportunities for people to be closer  in this special day.

Tu Trang – a newly joining member shared: “Tinhvan Group has held a happy and meaningful International Women’s day. Through this activity, we feel the interest of Executive Board and will be more close-knit with the company. And above all, these activities create opportunities to exchange and enhance the solidarityamong members”.

Pham Thuc Truong Luong – Deputy General Director gave the firt prize for the participant from TVS