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Tinhvan deploying a project with Academy of Finance vi

In May 2012, Academy of Finance has officially signed a contract to upgrade the library automation and digital library management software Libol from version 5.0 to version 6.0 with Tinhvan Technologies JSC (Tinhvan Group).

Under the contract, Tinhvan Group, represented by Tinhvan Solutions will be responsible for training, guiding and transfering Libol 6.0 to in-charge personnel of the Academy of Finance as well as proving free on-site warranty for 12 months.

Libol (Library Online) is a library automation and digital library management software studied and developed by Tinhvan Group since 1997 and has been stably implemented at the library and information centres of almost all major universities across the country and the library and information centres of the ministries, etc.

Being a library automation and digital library management software, Libol thoroughly applies information technology, automates all of the operating cycle of a modern library, provides all the features needed for a library to be ready to be integrated with the national and international library system, as well as manages electronic publications.

The outstanding feature of Libol is that it is standardized, compliant with business processes, with high ability to customize and particularly suitable for Vietnam’s environment.

Strictly compliant with international and Vietnamese bibliographic standards and best practices in the field of libraries, Libol allows library to easily exchange data with other national and international units, reduce management efforts, build database, increase work efficiency of library staff. Libol allows the manual business processes to be converted into automatic ones quickly, without disrupting the normal cycle of the library. Libol is also widely used as it is designed to meet the very diversified needs of the library system from small to large scale.

Version 6.0 of Libol has advantages compared to many other domestic products  of the same type, i.e., it has the electronic documents management module, allowing the library to manage common types of materials/documents (audios, images, videos , texts), provide documentation to all kinds of users. In addition, library can easily make purchase, sale, exchange and supply of electronic documents, etc.

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