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Tinhvan Group becoming Altibase’s dealer vi

In the morning of August 20, 2012, a ceremony has been held in Hanoi by Altibase to reward a certification of dealer to Tinhvan Group. Attending the ceremony are Mr. Hoang To, Chairman cum General Director of Tinhvan Group; Mr. Nguyen Khanh Hoan, BOM’s Vice Chairman; Mr. Pham Thuc Truong Luong, Deputy General Director in charge of Product, International Relations and Quality Management; Mr. Nguyen Son Tung, Deputy Director in charge of Administration – Human Resources together with senior leaders of TinhVan Group and Altibase.

Altibase’s representative rewarding certification of dealer to Tinhvan Group

This event is a gigantic step forward in the cooperation relationships on issues concerning marketing, solutions building, sharing of technical knowledge and expanding of business scope … between Tinhvan Group and Altibase.

Altibase is a South Korea’s high-tech Company always pioneering in the development of Database Management System running on the computer’s memory (in-memory database). With outstanding performance and full compatibility with the relational database model and SQL language, Altibase is a well-suited technology for problems that require computing speed and retrieving large-scale data in finance and telecommunications fields. Many securities firms, financial services and network providers in Korea, China and Japan have used Altibase as a database for transaction management system or billing system.

Altibase international headquarter is located in Seoul, South Korea with its subsidiary office in Palo Alto, CA (USA). Currently, Altibase Corp is dominating the data performance solutions market in Asia and started its global expansion with its new office in Silicon Valley, USA. In 2011, Altibase has been selected by Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology to be Korea’s top 10 best new technologies.

“Tinhvan Group is an IT company always focusing on research development. Besides creating its own products, Tinhvan Group is always looking for and testing the world’s most advanced technology solutions to apply in Vietnam. The officially becoming a dealer and content provider of Altibase Korea will help TinhVan Group add a new and effective database management solution to provide to its customers”, said Mr. Pham Thuc Truong Luong, Deputy General Director in charge of Product, International Relations and Quality Management.