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Tinhvan Group defended successfully certificate of CMMI Level 3

On 24, October 2014, Tinhvan Group’s CMMi 3 is appreciated highly by CMMI Institude through pubic index on website (https://sas.cmmiinstitute.com/pars/pars.aspx). Tinhvan Group is acknowledged in the list of companies who have certificate of CMMI – Dev 1.3 – Level 3.

Before that, from October 5th to 11th, 2013, SrinivasaRao Tuma – the leader of examiners from Software Engineering Institude in USA tested the SCAMPI A to conclude certificate of CMMi – Dev 1.3 – Level 3 in Tinhvan Group.

In a week, specialists researched and surveyed the system, checked the documents the sample and interviewed more than 30 staffs in Tinhvan Solutions, Tinhvan Outsourcing and Back Office from other positions.

After 6 stress working day, on Monday of October 11th, 2013, the leader of examiners informed of finishing the process including checking, quality management, creations. All passed the exams, which meant that Tinhvan Group defended successful the certificate of CMMI – Dev 1.3 – Level 3.

  The experts gave some strength in Tinhvan Group including: Tinhvan Group has a dynamic working environment and an united group, leaders give staff suitable basis, Tinhvan Group has an adequate system…

Besides that, the examiners gave some weakness and advices. This was the invaluable information to complete software development process in Tinhvan Group. CMMI is capability maturity model integration.

CMMI is a solution to develop software. CMMI – DEV is the best solution to manage, calculate and check the process. Tinhvan Group had the first certificate of CMMI – Level 3 in 2010. The paper is certified on the world, which gives people the capability of software companies.