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Tinhvan Group held annual meeting of shareholders 2014

On April 12, 2014, Tinhvan Group held an annual meeting of shareholders.

The meeting was attended by nearly 40 shareholders and authorized representatives, accounting for 94,72% of voting shares, with all members of the Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors and Executive Board.

 After opening speech, Mr. Hoang To – Chairman and General Director of  Tinhvan Group, on behalf of executive board, reported the situation of  Tinhvan Group in 2013 and planned for 2014.

In situation of an fluctuated economy and aftermath of global financial crisis, Tinhvan Group had some remarkable successes. In detail, total revenue increased to 15%, profit raised to 30%, staff’s average income come up to 14% compared to 2012’s results.

 In 2013, Tinh Van tried to standardize the system, reduce the dependence on seperate person and reach to a professional system for whole Group. Management Board restructured to work effectively, from 9 to 7 members, to optimize strategy and plan.

In 2014, Tinhvan Group is directed to follow “Go Global” strategy to reach international potential markets such as Japan, Singapore, South East Asia… The leading  companies in this new strategy is Tinhvan Outsourcing (TVO), Minh Chau Corporation (MCC), Tinhvan Telecom (TVT) and Tinhvan eBooks (TVB).

In meeting, all shareholders accepted to vote 2 members Phan Quang Minh and Nguyen Quang Hiep for board of supervisors to improve role of checking operations in management Board.

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