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MCCorp officially launched “million dollar” mobile game King Online 2

In 09/07/2014, game mobile online (gMO) King Online 2 (official name: Paranormal Alliance) – a new game of MCCorp has entered open beta period with appealing lauch event series.

King Online 2 is a  famous gMO MMORPG 3D in China, North America, South Korea, etc while continuously standing on top of prestigious games in these markets.

In Vietnam, King Online 2 is also rated as a “million” and “storm causing” by the gaming community recently.

The Vietnamese version of King Online 2 with the motto ‘Challenge all legends’

Advantage of Online King 2 is the European epic storyline, smooth drawing with modern gameplay, so the game can easily adapt to the world gaming community. King Online 2 is the adventure world in which players will be involved in the devastating war between the two alliances Angel and Devil.

During this Open Beta, and King Online 2 has launched Angel and Devil together with 2 servers Angel and Devil.

Thao Phan