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gMO Four Genies Is Officially Launched on 23/09

The latest Mobile online game (gMO) of MCCorp will be officially released at 10:10 am in 23/09/2014.

MCCorp will officially release gMO Four Genies at 10:10 am in 23/09/2014. At the same time, the first server called Thanh Long – one of the “Four Genies” will be also opened to serve the player’s demand for discovery of the “virtual” world.

Server Thanh Long will be released at 10:10 on 23/09

If you do not know, Four Genies is a gMO of playing the role 2,5 D and is the latest product of MCCorp. Joining the Four Genies, you will be choosing one of four character classes: Chien Than, Mi Anh, Tien Linh, Huyen Vu. The game brings the player back to the context of the end of Dong Han, Jade is stolen causing chaos. Then appearing the outstanding heroic geniuses with the same sense of purpose which is acting on behalf of the King. The East has Thanh Long, the South has Chu Tuoc, the West has Bach Ho, the North has Huyen Vu.


4 Classes in Four Genies

With beautiful and smooth 2, 5 D graphics and compact installer (over 50 MB for both Android and iOS) and only using mobile with low configuration also can play game comfortably. Four Genies is referred to as a “luxurious and haughty” game for low-level Smartphone community.


Four Genies is the gMO which is suitable with many kinds of player