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WikiMobi was launched with Data Storage of over 2000 Mobile Games

The event of launching the first open library for mobile gaming community WikiMobi was held in the morning of 26/7 with the participation of nearly 100 invited guests who were representatives from game publisher, Studio, Developer, press units and leaders in Tinhvan Group, MCCorp.

Numerous representatives of Publisher, Studio, Developer and press units attending at the ceremony

On behalf of the project development team, Ms. Vu Huong Giang – PR-Marketing Manager cum Project Director introduced the most striking features of WikiMobi. Accordingly, WikiMobi’s biggest advantage is the data warehouse of over 2000 mobile games and over 7 million users and the effective interaction environment between Publishers, Studios, and Developers with gamers.

For Publishers, individual and organizational developers of mobile game, WikiMobi will be a place to advertise, introduce themselves, bringing their products to the gaming community quickly and conveniently. For gamers, WikiMobi will provide users the opportunity to experience the latest games without having to search from different sources.

Representatives of Publisher, GOSU game, said: “Gosu evaluates that WikiMobi is a new direction for Local Publishers, Studios, and Developers to connect more easily with the gaming community. Still in the product finalization process but WikiMobi is a potential product. With a large and stable community, it is for sure that WikiMobi will best promote the Vietnam gaming products for closer connection to the gaming community.”

Dieu Quynh