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3 days of experiencing digital textbook Classbook 2

In 08/22/2014, Intel in collaboration with Education Publishing House, FAHASA lauched the program “Experiencing new generation digital textbook, Classbook 2”. This is an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to explore the utility of a new generation digital textbook, Classbook 2 which is known to be an educational product with characteristic:”Carry Light – Study Easily”.

The program of experiencing Classbook 2 lasted 3 days, from 22/8 to 24/8, providing teachers, parents and students with the opportunity of using and learning many useful features of the product in person. In the first day, the program has attracted a large number of participants.

Representatives of Intel, and Educational Publishing House, and Fahasa cut the ribbon lauching the program “Experiencing the new generation digital textbook, Classbook 2”

Highlight of Classbook 2 is the main interface which is presented as a bookshelf. Center of Classbook 2 is full of nearly 300 latest digital textbook and allocated based on each grade from 1 to 12. Not only being the digitization of traditional textbooks, digital publication on Classbook is also added with multimedia contents such as high quality videos, images directly illustrating in each involved lesson or virtual experiments in Physics and Chemistry for more intuitive and interesting lessons.

Classbook 2 received the attention of many parents and students (Photo: PC World)

The strength of Classbook is that the resource repository of books and other digital publications for Classbook users are relatively abundant and continuously updated in www.classbook.vn. In addition to the textbook, there are currently more than 1,200 online additional books, reference books of all kinds. Users can purchase, download and install the publications easily.

Classbook 2 is fully equipped with common functions of a universal tablet as a front / rear camera, microphone, 2-speaker integrated system, wireless connectivity support, Bluetooth and external 3G module. However, as an educational device for both teachers and students, Classbook provides mechanism of managing internet access and setting applications which allow parents to control and orient their children toward the most appropriate use.

Regarding the hardware configuration, Intel has provided Classbook 2 with pretty good computing performance with Atom dual-core chip technology with architecture Clover trail + 1.6GHz speed, which is used by many manufacturers of mobile devices. Classbook 2 with 1GB RAM, built-in storage capacity of 16GB with a microSD card slot allows expansion of storage capacity up to 32GB as needed.

During the 3-day opening event, the program offered many incentives for product buyer at the bookstore system under FAHASA, Ho Chi Minh City.