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Launching Application “I do math” for elementary school students

Educational ebooks distribution joint stock company (EDC), one member of Vietnam Education Publisher, recently launched learning app “I do math”. This is an app with its characteristic of highly education oriented to primary school students in order to help them to study and play effectively.

“I do math” is a learning app targeting students in early elementary grades, when still surprise with numbers and calculations. With the eye-catching interface, vivid illustrations, the calculation is programmed as a game, from simple to complex, helps students to easily manipulate, choose the level of difficulty and speed of mental math based on their abilities.

em lam toanIn the form of answering to questions by filling the correct answer, in limited time, this app will help students identify and remember the numbers as well as distinct operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Besides, the corresponding operations with grade 1, 2, 3 are divided into groups to help students to practice deeply specific skill, and actively increase challenges when having mastered more.

em lam toan 2After completing questions chosen, the system will automatically mark and show result of grade in order that both students and their parents can follow their own progress.

em lam toan 3This app is built to product “Educational ebooks Classbook”, one product distributed by EDC and now available on Classbook store ((http://classbook.vn/store_detail/2378). However, this app can be completely installed and used for Android tablets.

Free download at: